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      A Opportunity that can have life changing results.

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How to Get $4,000 Deposited into Your Account

Constant is a multi-market P2P investment platform that pays up to 11% APR. With us, you can invest in people and businesses around the world, without fees or limits, with all lending backed by collateral or loan originator’s buy-back guarantee. We have a range of easy and accessible investment products for every risk appetite and goal, and provide you with the learning resources to achieve those goals, fast.

The $4,000 trial bonus is a way to experience investing on our platform without committing any of your own money. Instead, we credit your Flex account with a $4,000 bonus that you can watch grow at 4% APY, compounded and paid every second.

Then at the end of 15 days, we take back the $4,000 and you keep the interest, which you can then reinvest with some of your own money or withdraw to your bank account.

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This page is a tool to assist People in establishing their business and get started as soon as possible

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Here's Why You Should Take The Free Tour $4,000 Deposited into your account
Without paying any Fee's. New Trial Offer.
Trial offer for USA Residents only
How The My Constant System Grew My Finances For Free....

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Experience multi-market peer-to-peer lending.

Invest in people and businesses around the world for up to 11% APR. All lending is backed by borrower collateral or buy-back guarantee. Earn across multiple markets, spreading risk and maximizing reward.

Or, borrow against 40+ cryptocurrencies to get the cash you need, instantly. Your crypto is securely held until you repay. Unlock the value of your crypto without selling up.

While not on loan or waiting for a match, your funds earn an automatic 4% APY, and you can withdraw anytime for free. So no downtime, no wasted earnings.

How to Earn $30,000 With My Constant

by My Constant Affiliate

John Wallace

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My Constant Commissions Explained
-How do They Pay You
1. Earn $10 Instant Commissions Deposited Directly into your Constant Account.
All Deposits made into your Constant Flex Accounts earn 4% APY. This is Compounding Interest every Second.      This Includes All Commissions made.
2. You also Earn 10% of The Interest Gained By all those that you refer to our Flex Account's, FOR ONE A FULL YEAR!!!!

3. You Don't need to make a deposit to Start Earning.
****Constant Badges earn you INSTANT Commissions also.
Register Now!!!

All of our services are available worldwide so everyone receives the same APY and Interest

If you live within the United States We have a special Trial offer of $4,000( new trial offer for USA residents and USA businesses alike) Deposited into your Flex 4% APY Interest account for 15 days. This $4,000 Will Gain Interest for those days which we allow you to keep. Withdraw whenever you like or be like us and reinvest it by leaving it in your Constant Flex account to begin earning it's own 4% apy.

If You Do not Live in the USA You can still earn the same 4% apy.

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Who We Are???

I am a Independent Affiliate of Constant, This site was developed as a way for our team to inform others of this well respected groundbreaking and successful platform that truly has set out to help the average person take back their financial control that in my own opinion banks have taken from us the consumers.


We are a powerful team made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced investors who are seasoned at finding great ideas in which to invest. Our efforts are focused on selecting talented teams and companies with huge potential.

We Highly Recommend this platform for anyone from the Beginner to the Expert. There is no training That can ever produce these type of Income results that require little to no effort on your part at all.

There are no Sign up Fee's Neither are there Monthly or Reoccurring Fee's associated with a My Constant Flex Account in order to earn 4% Apy or Any Commissions.

Our team Will teach you how to place Ad's and other Marketing efforts to increase your potential of getting more signs ups, Instant Commissions and to Facilitate the Growth of your 10% interest off everyone that joins under your My Constant referral Links, become an affiliate and all commissions Double.

We also Offer a Team Shared Marketing Strategy that will have your link shared in rotation with others on all of our marketing and promotional efforts.

Basically we want all of our members to enroll as many as possible growing their incomes exponentially.

This will have you link on our Promotions for our YouTube Videos, Replies to our Classified Ad's, Facebook pages and more.

Yes, this addition does come with a monthly Contribution and there are limited amount of spots available, 20 to be exact with 12 Available positions left.

This isn't mandatory or necessary it's more for those that want to earn 10k,20k, or even 30k faster and with little effort on there part.

So what do you have to lose with a Totally and Completely Free Offer that Gives you $2,000 to just to test it out and then allows you to keep all the interest that it gains??.

You have nothing at all to lose. So let's Get you started Today!!!!

Earn Instant $10 Commissions & 10% Interest from anyone that you refer to our Flex accounts, For one Full year per each refferal

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Try Peer2Peer Lending with Constant

Try Peer2Peer Lending with Constant

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How to make your first $1000 as a Constant affiliate

How to make your first $1000 as a Constant affiliate

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How Constant Helps Mike Do More With His Money

How Constant Helps Mike Do More With His Money

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Why Invest With Constant

Why Invest With Constant

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Customer Review How Constant Helps Me Do More With My Money

Customer Review How Constant Helps Me Do More With My Money

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