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   Small Business, Affiliates and Entrepreneurs Need Marketing Results
          YouTube & Google Approved Methods Only!!!

Page Under Construction, but still functional until update is complete.

Small Business Marketing

  • Best Value

    Small Business Pack

    Every month
    Growth on a Budget
    Valid for 3 months
    • Set Up Your YouTube Channel and Description area.
    • 2 Branded Content Videos Uploaded to YouTube: Yours to Keep.
    • Ranking for Agreed Keywords
    • Instagram- 4 Marketing Clips w/Logo : Reels, Remixes)
    • Promote Instagram Post Through Instagram & Facebook
    • Google Marketing - Promote Your Video and/or Website
    • Market YouTube Video for Views,Subs & etc.....
    • Price does not include Marketing / Ad Budget
    • Ad Budget Min$300 for YouTube and/or Instagram
    • Add My Classified Ad Posting Service for one Full Year +$450
  • Free Traffic Rotator

    Reserve Your Slot on The Millionaire Rotator
    Free Plan
    • You will be notified first when we're to Launch
    • You will have time to claim your slot before anyone else
    • List may receive discounts
    • Free Traffic - Organic or Bulk Wholesale traffic
    • Free Views on any networks that we place materials.
    • Any benefits this list gains are considered Free Benefits
  • YouTube Marketing

    Every month
    YouTube Video Promotion - 1 Video
    Valid for 3 months
    • Marketing your Video On YouTube By Google
    • Targeted Audience for more Clients or Customers
    • Choose Your Specfic Audience By location - EXAMPLE USA
    • GetYour Video Higher Ranking on YouTube - Keywords
    • More Downloads of Your App Through Youtube Ads if applicable
    • YouTube Description area Organized
    • 4 Uploaded Videos to your channel - Branded your logo
    • Plans do not include your Marketing Budget
    • Min Marketing Budget / Ad Budget = $300
  • YouTube Explosion **

    An Explosive YouTube Strategy
    Valid for one month
    • +1,000's of Real Views Directly to your Video Through Google
    • You will be added to My YouTube Playlist Refreshed
    • YouTube Set up and Organized Description area
    • You video will be posted on my Facebook Business Page
    • 6 Branded Content Videos Uploaded to your Channel
    • Video + Massive Ad Placement 1,000's of Video Ads online
    • POST to 100's of Blogs, Forums, Classified Ad Sites w/ Links
    • ***Add a Double Up and Get another Video Promoted
  • Affiliate Traffic

    Newbie Affiliate Traffic PLAN for Marketers
    • 30 days of Non Targeted Worldwide Money Making TRAFFIC
    • 1,000's of REAL Visitors to your business opportunity
    • Add up to 3 Business Opportunities Per order
    • REAL LIVE TRAFFIC Redirected to Your Links - NO BOTS
    • Can not be sent to YouTube Url's - Seek YouTube Marketing
  • Double Up Video

    Add extra Video FOR Marketing Plans
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Extra Business Video Promotion to Ad Sites
  • Ad Posting Service's

    Every month
    Automated Full Video + Ad Posting Services
    • 1000's of Advertising Pages each month
    • Your Ad Upgraded, Highlighted, in Bold and Stuck to the Top
    • 500 + High Quality Optimized Blog Posts in Exclusive Net
    • 100+ Web 2.0 Properties Permanent Links
    • 2000+ Classified Ad Pages
    • Top of every page on 25 high traffic sites 24/7
    • All links,Post & AD'S emailed to you directly
  • Marketing Video

    Social Media Marketing Video Presentational.
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Branded Marketing Video /Clip
    • This can be used to grow your accounts directly
    • or Directly send them to your websites or links
    • There are there forever and can be used forever marketing
    • Easy to send through text,emails and chat messenger apps
    • Video will also be uploaded to My Insta account
    • for increased exposure
  • AutoPosting Yearly

    Yearly Automated Full Video + Ad Posting Services
    Valid for one year
    • All links,Post & AD'S emailed to you directly
    • Top of every page on 25 high traffic sites 24/7
    • 2000+ Classified Ad Pages
    • 100+ Web 2.0 Properties Permanent Links
    • 500 + High Quality Optimized Blog Posts in Exclusive Net
    • Your Ad Upgraded, Highlighted, in Bold and Stuck to the Top
    • 1000's of Advertising Pages each month
  • Affiliate Traffic

    Every month
    Affiliate Monthly Traffic Worldwide
    • Real Live Genuine Traffic sent directly to your site or url
    • Team up with other affiliates & submit up to 5 urls at once.
  • 1 Mill Bulk Mainstream Targeted Traffic

    Bulk Traffic is mainstream as being mixed in language and country as neither is filtered.
    Valid for 45 days
    • Delivered within 30 to 45 days
    • You will have a Tracking link sent to You.
    • Once activated - can not be refunded
    • 1 million bulk traffic

Monthly Payment

Best Value

Millionaire Rotator



Every month

Rotate Until You Win 🏆 Invite your Partnerships

Valid for 6 months

Your Link Included Into My Rotator

1 year of Worldwide Business Opportunity Traffic

1 Year of Unlimited Traffic from a Very Well Known Vendor

1,000 of Auto Posting Classified Ads With the Rotator links

Traffic from Vendors that Entrepreneurs Use to Grow.

Access -Multiple Traffic sources at Once Low cost


50% for rotator is considered a Gift to Admin for management

You can have a Social Media Magnet Marketing Video promoting and Presenting your offers to your customers, clients and Affiliates For life.

Unlike Google Ads for Example (which I love lol) after your budget is depleted your ad vanishes from existence online until the budget has been replenished and for a Small Business of New Entrepreneur or Affiliate it can be close to nearly impossible to compete, Well now you can.

I have used to skills to work for big online affiliate business opportunities, offline businesses, online offers and more and I'm Currently the Marketing Specialist

John ( Site is being updated)


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