1. Below are Income Opportunities.

We have made money with all and some make money for us.

Leads/Traffic is Mandatory to build any business. Don't worry with just a few referrals in most online ventures you can earn real income. Multiple that by a few more opportunities ( some with multiple streams of income and some that attach your referrals to you for lifetime income) you won't need to rely on the success of just one business earning potential.

Once you have Joined One,All or None remember to email us your:

Full Name,Referral Link and Name of the Business for each link, Free or Paid member. You will then be added to rotator per rules at the bottom of all pages.

*****All referrals will be verified with referrals located inside that business rotator.


Qwik Ad

Place Unlimited Classified Ads with Video,Links,HTML,multiple images & Earn Unlimited Income at the same time.

Prices for Paid Ads $3-$6 etc to remain on The Top.

Auto Pilot Leads


Fact is everyone online needs leads to send to their business pages,capture pages or funnel system. You will get 15% more clicks when this leads system is on Auto-Pay and earn 20% of every referrals order. So if you're ordering and your referrals are ordering eventually everyone's Leads will be Free. Only Pay when you place an order.



There is no affiliate commission from this company. You can design shirts,price,sell & ship at cost at all. TeeSpring has a base fee for all shirts sold and take their base fee no matter what you price you shirt. Example Base $10, Your Price $24= You earned $14 Profit.

All Natural Products

Invite Below

If you just become a consumer of the products this company will change your life.

Choose to become a member for $1 & you will have a income that last because people are sick of chemicals in all of their daily household products. They usually remain customers.



Place good quality Solo Ad orders. Did You Know that Udimi is also a Business and you can earn huge Commissions for life with anyone that places an order?. Once they place one order under your like they become hard coded to your For Life. So whenever they place an order you earn income. $5 credit with this Link.



This traffic site has different categories of traffic which are all very responsive and very buyer friendly. Great thing about this traffic site is that you do not have to make a purchase in order to earn from referring others to their awesome traffic packages,

Email to over 80,000 People every 24 to 48hrs directly to their inboxes not spam folder. Earn Huge income from free member to paying one time upgrade fee members.


This unique traffic site has a lot to offer including income from others advertising efforts. Email their entire database and earn$$$ from your free account.


Free account from a ALL IN ONE Complete Traffic site. They will send 50,000 visitors to any Link you wish for just opening a free account. With all the traffic options someone is bound to purchase earning you income even with a free account.


This site Global Moneyline is a money maker for sure. When you open a free account every single person no matter where in the world they may be becomes automatically your email list and downline. You can message your downline anytime that you want promoting offers or opportunities directly to individuals waiting to hear from you. You also earn income from referring others to this site to open their free account.

Global MoneyLine

Every button above is rotating every referrals/members links. This will give each member an equal opportunity to earn income as new visitors navigate the site searching for a business of their very own to begin building.


As we grow we will do our best to update our free offers area with the best income opportunities or offers that require nothing to pay to earn or join. Multiple Streams of Income in the best way for  newbies and beginners to earn online faster that attempting to build one massive down line in just one business venture.

My Lazy Income Help Center

The Answers You Need

How can I earn income when Everything seems to be Free So Far?
Answer : Incentives

On a Daily and consistent basis we are driving Traffic,leads,Customers from all over the internet to this site. As new members join you will see the referrals begin to show up in the back offices associated with each individual offer.

What happens when you see members signed under you ?. Most will upgrade before new members do to avoid missing out on commissions and for the offers that don't require an upgrade then you are in fine standing and shouldn't worry. This Lazy Income site will not only attract newbies & beginners, but also marketers in different levels of their business from Novice to Advance. Why would experienced Marketers use this site?. This interest is not only in the offers, but the fact is this site can build downlines easily. Here's one way this site helps.

FREE Members: Anyone joining opportunities as a free member will have their links added into each rotator at the beginning of each month. Example Join Jan 15th be added to rotator Feb 1st.

Paid Members: If you have paid or have upgraded in any offer or opportunity under one of our referrals located in that offers rotator, You will be added to that specific rotator within 72 hrs( This is an estimate) and as a Paying member you will also receive 1 extra click to your link during the rotation and distribution of new referrals.

Example: 100 in rotator plus 100 clicks, each member receives one click then it rotates to the next affiliate. Paying or upgraded members will receive 2 clicks increasing their chances of more sales,signs ups, and/or referrals.

Why Chose My Lazy Income?

Here is the main reason:

We are driving New interested struggling or experienced people to this site, With the easy to join atmosphere and the option to join one,all or none of this opportunities or offers leaves all of the control to your business building solely on your desire,dedication and level of current success. BASICALLY you can build multiple income streams all at one time from one platform upgrading at your leisure. There will be new offers,opportunities, software's added on a consistent basis also ensuring that people come back to the site to see whats new and available. Yes REOCCURRING TRAFFIC because business minded people stay active and return back to offers once they see how easy it can be to make money$$ on this site. So when  our Lazy Team sees a new opportunity and we decide to jump all in we will make the offer available here for all of our members. So the truth is that any income,business,product etc can be added to this site builder without any complications. If you rather build alone feel free.

** Tracking is Important**

If you do not have any tracking know how here is something free you can use in the meantime to track clicks to any links that you might have. Give if try and yes of course it's free to use. it's called Bitly

What if I am not satisfied with My Lazy Income?

Who Cares? No offense this is called My Lazy Income for a reason . During The testing phase of this site ( which has unexpected positive results already) We do not charge for anything, not even the traffic sent to this site. As a free or paid member you could join as many opportunities as you want and walk away. Your Links will still be in rotation on our site. *** When you join these opportunities or take part in any offer on this site your payments will be sent directly to the company and never us here at My Lazy Income. Use the company's "Support" or "Contact us" links if you experience any issues or have questions specific to your membership with them. Unfortunately they are the only ones that can assist you at the current moment.***

Rules & Guidelines

You must Join under one of our or our members rotating affiliate links in order to be approved and then be added to the rotator. No Pre-Existing links will be Accepted no exceptions. This is to secure the power behind this site and display our loyalty to our dedicated and loyal members and affiliates.

Rotator Caps: Each rotator or opportunity or offer has an undisclosed determined cap or amount of people allowed to occupy a rotator at one time. This is to prevent saturation or slow building of your business. When this cap is reached the rotator for the opportunity or offer will be temporarily closed and then maybe discontinued or switched out for a period of time. In instances where the rotator is "Temp Closed" you will be notified on this site as too how long and you can then be added to a Waiting List. Once it reopens your links will be added into that offer or opportunities rotator.

Exception: Paying or Upgraded member's can "BREAK THE BLOCK"and be added to the rotator despite the Temp closing of that specific rotator. Each opportunity or offer is different so the rules to break the block are different for each opportunity or offer. The level of upgrade in some cases or instructions to "Break The Block will be posted under the opportunity or offer".

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